Melanie -- I was so excited to see the article in today's newspaper about the re-imagined Parade of Homes with the upcoming Virtual Parade of Homes. There is so much that is not available face-to-face because of COVID, but so many other events that have become more accessible in a variety of ways, including the upcoming Parade of Homes!

You mention that one can "visit" homes any time of day -- yay!
The 3D tours should allow visitors to really take their time -- go back again and look at details whenever they want -- yay!
Those interested may see more homes this way since there is no travel -- yay!
(And people won't be traipsing through the homes -- perhaps good for the builders/owners.). 

Anyways, in the article you mention a hybrid may be the future of the Parade of Homes. That may be the best of both worlds when it becomes appropriate.

Thank you for thinking outside the usual venue. I actually think those interested in these homes may see more homes and spend more time in them and re-visiting.  I hope this has a perhaps unexpected positive result for builders.

Anyways, I just wanted you to know how much I -- and I am sure so many others -- will appreciate the Virtual Parade of Homes!

Carol A.